Parenting the New Kids on the Block

Care and Maintenance of Your Crystal, Diamond, or Rainbow Child

Natural Self

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This nugget comes from Bashar. If you are not familiar with who Bashar “is,” just read it. If it resonates, check out Bashar’s link at the bottom. If it doesn’t resonate, click over to another post.

Personally,  I think he accurately describes what happens to to us–Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Diamond, Gold–in the experiment of “school” and when we think we must adapt to “society.” As enlightened, informed beings ourselves, but especially as those who are raising New Energy children in an enlightened way, our job is to allow and support our children to NOT feel the pressure to assimilate in traditional ways.


Bashar: The idea being that there is a Whole picture which you may liken unto a large puzzle that has a picture on it, as we know many of you like to play with on your planet. You understand that the puzzle is made of many small individual differently shaped pieces.

Good ! Now we have observed on your planet over the course of, say, several thousands of your years of time, you have been trained to try and be a shape you are not!!

“Try and be this shape.”
“Try and be that shape.”
“Sit here.”
“Come here, belong this way.”
“Do this, Do that, Do not be yourself.”
“That won’t work.”
“Stop daydreaming.”
“Stop being yourself and be who we need you to be.”

So now you have become experts at being someone other than yourself! The idea being, therefore, that when you do that you are no longer the shape you were originally made in. You are no longer as a puzzle piece the shape that fits in the WHOLE you were originally made for.

Then you cannot support the creation of the whole picture because you no longer fit!!

Only by being your natural self will you be your natural shape, and only by being your natural shape will you fit in the space designed just for little old you. And by fitting in that space do you then act in service to every other piece because then you support the WHOLE which supports all the other pieces who are willing to be their true natural shape.

That’s how it works!!!

Extract from Introduction to Bashar tape channeled by Darryl Anka:


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