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Lessons from a Cat

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I’m on a roll. As you may have noticed, I post when the Spirit moves me and I’m really inspired. And when I have time. Ok, mostly when I have time.

Lily and I are cat-sitting for two friends this week. One of them has a Siamese cat who is usually generally stand-offish and sometimes pretty cranky. I’ve not trusted her around Lily, as she’s been known to scratch and bite when petted, and Lily LOVE LOVE LOVES animals, especially petting them.

Well, what do you know. Maybe it’s because my friend has been away for a couple of days now, or because Lily hasn’t been to our friend’s apartment for a really long time (When I cat-sit for her, I tend to go there solo.), or some other reason only known to this particular Siamese, but she actually sought out Lily and loved up on her. REALLY loved up on her, following her around and meowing to be petted. Lily was in blissful, ecstatic, 6-year-old girl heaven. 

As we left, Lilly just gushed about how the last time she saw the cat, it was cranky and hissed at her, but now the cat was “used to her,” or smelled our cats, or “learned to trust her”–and NOW? Just LOVED her!

TEACHABLE MOMENT! I reiterated that the only reason anyone is cranky or mean to anyone is because that person (or cat) feels bad in her/his heart and has forgotten how to feel Love. (After all, we are all born knowing Love. It has to be trained out of us.) I reminded her about one of the administrators at her school, with whom she had recently had a bad encounter. This woman is generally snooty and unpleasant with everyone, and Lily had experienced it this week, saying Ms. D. was “mean.” See my previous post. This is very uncharacteristic of Lily!

I said, think about how the kitty used to be around you–cranky and hissing. Ms. D. is like that sometimes. Today you came in with Love in your heart–so much that it showed–and were open to the cat loving you, immediately giving love in return. The cat was changed, and now you’re friends. People like Ms. D., even though they can be difficult, are only so because their hearts need love. Sometimes it takes a while, and sending that person a LOT of love, but that energy can be transformed. 

We’ll keep working on that. I’m eager to see if the situation changes!


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