Parenting the New Kids on the Block

Care and Maintenance of Your Crystal, Diamond, or Rainbow Child

Cliff’s Notes: “Parenting the New Kids on the Block” class, Part Deux-b

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This section of my handout is from my dear friend Gail. She rocks. Gail had a vision of me and three other women doing “something” with children. Apparently this blog, my class, and my workshops with children (coming soon!) is my “something.” I’m having fun with it all; Lily and I have been playing with all this information and energy a lot. I hope other parents and their children will, too.

Empowering Children: Parenting From the Heart

Gail Larmer

By nurturing your child’s intuition, you are empowering from within. Start by creating a stimulating home environment. Parents cultivate and motivate — allow children in a designated area at home to touch, explore, experience, stir, pound, pour, help, experiment, etc. Experience motivates children to learn more. Encourage imagination, self-expression and creativity and help them with rediscovery. Give them choices when possible. Learning with hands on activities is the best.

Souls of crystal children have chosen parents who can support them spiritually. Parents’ emotions and stress may vibrationally trigger reactions in sensitive children. Parents can acknowledge their intuitive experiences and share with child when appropriate. Treat intuition as it is, real and natural.

Some tips to keep in mind:

Success is not always measured by test scores.

Guide versus control. Positive reinforcement is KEY.

At dinner ask each child to say what they are thankful for that day. Ask child to give the blessing at meal time.

Psychic children are connected to spirit and emotions more than the physical and mental. Psychic children can sense dishonesty.

In difficult situations, teach child to ask, “What would love do?” or “What would God (Jesus, my guardian angel) do?”

Affirmations work well with children because they remember who they are.

Talk to your children about angels…books, CDs & DVDs can jump start a discussion.

Play intuitive games. Telepathically ask child a question.

Nature – A new garden can become a teaching tool; vegetables, flowers, soil, stalks, fertilizer, insects, etc.  Make a toad house out of cardboard and design. Make a flower arrangement for the fairies and nature beings with items found in the yard or at a nature park. Create a fairy garden or fairy house.  Put water in a shell for the nature beings.

Tree walk – How many different kinds of trees do you see? What feeling does each type of tree give you?

Go on a safari – Record how many animals you see, take a camera along and photograph.

Plant a seed in two separate indoor pots. Make sure the sunlight and water are exactly the same. Have child talk to one plant, sending love and not talk to the other plant. Child soon sees how plants respond to love. Make sure you mark which pot is the “love plant” in case it gets moved around.

Encourage in child’s prayers a prayer for Mother Earth. Have child help with recycling and ask how they think different recycled items can be used.

Create a sensory box or feeling box. Play Guess That Smell (a long pill box works well for different items in the slots.)

Make chakra stones – get smooth round stones, wash, dry and paint in colors of the chakras.  Place colored stones on chakras on a large self drawn portrait. Write or paint words on smooth rounded stones i.e. love, happy, smile, peace, caring, thankful, etc.

Psychic children are very connected to animals. Create a simple bird feeder with a pine cone, spread on peanut butter and sprinkle bird seed on peanut butter. Watch the different birds that come to the feeder and record the type of bird.  Have child pick one bird to work with. Have child make up a story about how that bird spends its day and night. Draw or paint what the bird books like and use feathers if possible.

Start a crystal and rock collection.


Music/sound – create a song, play different types of music and ask how it makes the child feel.


Art – design a bookmark using poster board, create different types of wings using a flattened coffee filter for angel, butterfly, dragonfly, bird wings, draw, paint, make a collage using recycled items, create a cartoon, create a video, build a sculpture, create a mask, create a maze, make a pyramid out of play dough or clay, make an angel diorama, make prayer flags, create a peace flag, create a family Coat of Arms, create archangel bingo to reinforce names and colors associated with the archangels, make a puppet and give a puppet show, make animals and modeling out of aluminum foil.


Writing – Play reporter and do interviews.  Ask people what they are thankful for, how can we make the world a better place, what makes you smile? Create a booklet for “The Care and Feeding Of _______”.  Create a word search game using happy feelings, keep a journal, create a recipe, write a poem, write a joke. Create a crossword puzzle with names of rocks and minerals. Create a nature game show using animals, plants, trees, rocks, etc. for the questions.

Write a booklet and illustrate the 4 seasons from the perspective of ____ (i.e. the sun, a tree, a fairy, etc.) What does it look and feel like during each of the seasons? Write on a paper napkin a positive message or word to surprise a family member at meal time. Create a mobile with inspirational words and add bells to the mobile.  Have child write out, “Who Am I?” and write as much as he/she can. Have child write at top of page, “If I Were A Teacher” and ask child to write what would be important to teach children to help them to be a good citizen and take care of our earth.

Design inspirational oracle cards with poster board. Create a picture on one side and write a message or word on the other side. Have child choose a card each day as a card to work with. Design a special box to keep cards in.

Movies – write a movie review for your friends

Read – write a book review for your friends


Dance – choreograph a dance, role play, wear a funny hat or whimsical home made costume and act like a character; ask sibling or friend to guess who you are.  With a partner, create a princess dress on other child out of toilet paper, ribbons and scotch tape.  Make a magic wand out of aluminum foil and stick on embellishments.

Make home made bubbles. Pretend in each bubble an angel or fairy is inside taking flight. Have child tell story about what the angel or fairy is seeing on their journey into the heavens.

Create a scavenger hunt for sibling or friend, along with a map.


Photography – teach about orbs


Edutainment – Create a scientific experiment to reinforce ____

Design or draw a house of the future, car of the future, technology in the future, etc.

Create a board game to reinforce _____.

Plan a picnic and have child help with the food preparation.

Have a tea party and invite a fairy godmother to be the unseen guest.

A laundry basket can become a teaching tool; counting, sorting, matching, etc. Grocery shopping can be a teaching tool in many ways.  The kitchen is full of many teaching tools and creative exploration.


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