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And That’s How We Sent Lovingkindness to Mitt Romney

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Lily and I go to a great church. It’s part of the Unity family, which means it has a VERY open, loving, accepting theology based on Science of Mind, the Law of Attraction, Buddhist philosophy, Christianity, and more. There is also a Buddhist “service,” with a separate children’s meditation, before the regular service. 

This month (February), the Buddhist group issued a “Love Challenge,” or as I call it, “The Loooove Challenge.” It asks members to meditate as a family for five minutes a day, sending Lovingkindness to the world. If you know anything about Buddhism, the basis of it is the practice of Lovingkindness, sent to yourself, then to someone you love, a “neutral” person (someone you barely know, the person sitting two rows away, a cashier at the grocery store, etc.), to a “difficult” person, to all beings, to the Earth, etc. We wish everyone to be happy and to be free from suffering. It’s a beautiful practice. As with anything having to do with sending love and positive energy, it uplifts those who do it as well as those who are receiving love. (Note: Go to to see quantitative, documented results of sending loving thoughts.)  

ANYway, I invited Lily to meditate with me. Yeah, she wasn’t up for that. She will meditate at church when the whole class is doing it, and even does really well, but she’s like me and has a hard time meditating at home. I get that and didn’t want to make a big deal or power struggle out of it, so I didn’t push. 

I have found, though, that car time is a great time for us to talk. We are both really receptive. On the way to school a couple of weeks ago, I brought up Lovingkindness and said that even though we haven’t been meditating, we could practice sending love anyway. She picked her Gabby (her grandmother) as a person she loves, and a nice cashier at the grocery store as her “neutral” person, but she was stumped for a “difficult” person. In true Crystal fashion, Lily really does not have a problem with ANYONE. Sure, occasionally she comes home and tells me how hurt she was by something someone may have said on the playground or at lunch, but she is very quick to forgive and forget (this is a very strong Crystal and Rainbow trait). I even mentioned a couple of children who have hurt her feelings in the past, but she said no, she likes them*. 

In the interest of learning the lessons of Lovingkindness, I suggested Mitt Romney. To me, he represents the “old ways” of the Earth: valuing money and corporations over people, supporting billionaires while devaluing teachers, workers, and the poor. Lily and I have had many conversations about how we believe people should be valued and treated, and how those who treat people badly do so only because they feel bad in themselves and do not understand the power of love and kindness, which is really our God-self.

Lily resisted at first, saying that Romney didn’t want our Lovingkindness, but I reminded her that people who do not treat others fairly need it the most. So we sent Lovingkindness to someone we do not agree with. I don’t know if it affected Mitt in the least, but it felt great.

*Editorial Note: This forgiveness, and the ability to like everyone (Ok, Romney is an exception.) is what the Indigos cleared the way for; Crystals are perfecting; and Rainbows, Diamonds, and Golds (will) embody naturally. This is the reason we volunteered, and it is our spiritual evolution.


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