Parenting the New Kids on the Block

Care and Maintenance of Your Crystal, Diamond, or Rainbow Child

Parenting the New Kids Class(es)

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Parenting the New Kids Class(es)

I’ve done it now. I put myself out there to actually teach a class for adults in this “New Kids” stuff through Communiversity. “If I build it, they will come,” right?

Of course, now that I see the course catalog, I’m having all kinds of self-doubts. Am I qualified to talk about this? Who am I, anyway? What the heck am I going to even SAY about it?

Well, I knew that this subject is something I am passionate about–and that not a lot of parents or grownups in general know about it, anyway. I figured the best way to learn more about something was to dive in headfirst. Knowing myself, I knew that a) I process information by talking through it and 2) I often work best under a deadline. So I gave myself a deadline, in this case, Feb. 23, to learn as much as possible so that I could talk about it. 

In fact, I now have a pre-deadline of 4:15, Feb. 16, when I will lead a mini version of this class at the next Leela Village Playday at Ubuntu Village: I figured I’d give a warmup class so that I wouldn’t be so nervous about Feb. 23. 

It’ll all be fine. I’m working on my syllabus and handouts, and now I’m wondering how to fit it all in to the 1.5 hours I’ve allotted myself. I’ve collected a lot of websites and books (check out my Resources section) and am doing more reading. I’m finding, though, that much of the information is repetitive. There’s not a lot of “scholarly” publications about the topic of the Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow/Diamond/Gold (a new one to me) children out there. Not that I expected there to be….

What I did not expect is that my posting about this class(es) is generating some interest. Hopefully parents/grandparents/teachers will show up. Given that I have something to tell them :-), I hope they will bring a lot of information about the children in their collective spheres–enough to have a great discussion. 

So far, I’m planning to give an overview to the New Energies and why they’re arriving now, descriptions of the various types of children, and some processes/tips for how to work with them. We’ll even do some exercises in class.

I think it will be fun. I hope it will be informative.


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