Parenting the New Kids on the Block

Care and Maintenance of Your Crystal, Diamond, or Rainbow Child

Types of “new kids”

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In reading through my first post, I got whiplash. It was the written equivalent to rushing  through a recited piece before  you forgot something.  Sorry about that.

Ahhhh. Ok. To sum up, I have been interested in Indigo children for many years, even before becoming a mom, and have read as much as I can find on the subject, which is difficult, given that there is not just a lot of information out there, and it tends to repeat a lot. More on that (resources) in another post. Even before getting fully on board with starting a family, Indigo children (the generation that started it all) intrigued me. I knew I somehow held a connection, though I was not sure what, and the idea of Indigo children was always at the back of my mind.

Years later, my (now ex-) husband and I adopted a child after years of trying to conceive. We went through all the tests and everything but IVF before becoming licensed foster parents, with the idea to adopt “through the system.” We also listed with Catholic Charities and were looking at international adoption. Another two years went by. We were “staffed” to adopt several babies but turned down,  matched with others we turned down because they had backgrounds of drugs or incest (circumstances we were not prepared for), and were getting discouraged. Then, through a chance email, we were on our way to Lily, and boom-boom-boom, it all fell into place, and very quickly. When asked how long it takes to adopt, I say, “The long answer is two years. The short answer is two days.” When it’s right, it’s right.

Seriously, the way we were matched with an agency and birth mother–when we were not even looking at open adoption–is pretty freaky. So much so that I “knew” there was something else going on behind the scenes, a “God Thing.” In fact, much of my journey with Lily is based on the feeling that there is something we are supposed to “do” together.

When she was a couple of months old, I seriously began to consider that there was more than meets the eye in our relationship. What I remembered about Indigo children stuck with me–the spiritual gifts, the raising of energies–and it all seemed very pertinent. I started Googling.

There was not a lot of information I found readily, and certainly nothing “authoritative.” What I did find was intriguing, with other types of children to consider: Crystal, Rainbow, and Diamond children, all with different characteristics. There were even quizzes to take to find out which one you are. After taking a quiz on behalf of Lily, I found out that she is solidly “crystal”: born after 1995 (2006); “old” eyes that see right through you; high energy; high spirited; empathic; “happy, delightful, and forgiving.”

I also found out that I was solidly Indigo: fiery; challenging authority; “shaking up” and questioning the status quo; strong-willed; and “strange.” Ok, a pretty broad brush, but the takeaway is that the Indigo children (and adults) started coming into the world mid-century through the 1980s. (I won’t tell you what year I was born!). Our purpose was to set the stage and shake up old patterns for the Crystal Children. Boom.

The other types of children, Diamond and Raibow, come in after the Crystals, though the timeline is rather inexact. The names “Indigo,” “Crystal,” “Diamond,” and “Rainbow” actually refer to the various auras. Yes, I know. Airy-fairy. But if you saw my child, you would definitely say there is something “crystalline”or “sparkly” about her. I can see auras when I try, and I can see the crystals sparkling around her. Think about the children you know–the ones who brought you to read this blog. How would you describe them? Rainbow-colored? Sparkly? Intense (how I experience being an Indigo)?

The one thing we all share is a heightened energy, which manifests as a  sense of divine order and a spiritual understanding of “who we are.” My Lily is self-confident and aware in a way that I have never been. I watch her and her cousins and friends, and they seem to buzz with energy. Watch them. They are very aware of their surroundings and seem to vibrate with vitality. They know who they are and what they are doing here. Many are empathic (like my Lily), and some are outright psychic. You can sense how “tuned in” they are. In their games, they seem to navigate their way seamlessly. In their work at school, they seem to already know a lot of the information and soak it up without trying very hard–especially in what interests them. They, especially my Lily, are empathetic and recognize when a classmate or grownup needs a hug, even before s/he does.

There are some slight differences between the newer generations and a lot of overlap. Rainbow children are born generally after Crystals (again, the timelines are blurry), and they are very compassionate and “born to smile.” Diamond children are highly intelligent and born leaders. They are all the new wave of spiritual, energetic evolution, “homo spiritus.” I have read that their DNA is even different, ramped up to the next level to accept the new frequencies of energy available on our planet. Ok, yeah, airy-fairy. Meditate on that and see if you don’t agree, though.

It really doesn’t matter what type of children or grandchildren you have, though, and please do not label them! All children are special, and all have gifts. We are seeing an amazing shift in energy and consciousness with the children of today! Giving your child a label or telling her you expect great things from her because she is a “_____” is a tremendous burden. That said, it is helpful for care givers to recognize the different types of Indigos and know how to parent or guide them to best use their remarkable gifts. Besides, it’s a really, really fun journey.


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