Parenting the New Kids on the Block

Care and Maintenance of Your Crystal, Diamond, or Rainbow Child

New here? Not so much.


I remember where I was when I first heard of Indigo children. It was the early 90s, and I was in a shop on the Plaza in Kansas City. Somehow, I got to talking with a woman I met there who told me she worked with “Indigo children.” I didn’t have children yet, but I was really intrigued. Psychic children? New breed?

Fast forward to 2006 when my daughter was born and I became a mom through open adoption. I’ll save that amazing story for another post, but suffice it to say that it was so synchronous that there was little doubt in my mind that who I had in my arms was a Very. Special. Child.–and a particularly old soul.

From a very young age, my daughter (I’ll call her ‘Lily’) had intense eyes. When she was placed in my arms at the hospital–just minutes old–her eyes locked onto mine, and she seemed to say, “Oh, there you are. Let’s get started.” Then, when she was just a few months old, a sales lady (again on the Plaza) said, “What amazing eyes that baby has. When she looks at you, you have really been looked at!” 

The 1990s chance conversation still in mind, I wondered if Lily really was an Indigo–and if so, what the Heck I was supposed to do about it. So I did what any parent would do; I asked the Google. Turns out there’s more information out there than you’d think. There were articles, books, Yahoo groups…. Yippee! A test. A few, in fact. I was in my element. My little cherub was still pretty small, but I knew her well enough to answer questions about her birthdate (ok, a gimme), her eyes (did I mention they’re mesmerizing?), and her personality ( VERY observant). What’s more, the questions on these tests struck a chord with me as well, so I took them with my information, too. 

According to the information I found online, there are different types, different generations of these “new kids on the block.” Turns out that  Indigos are the first generation of the new energies, with some coming in during the 60s, but most in the 80s–and it seemed I was one. The Indigos are more “fiery,” challenging the status quo, and cleared the way for the more refined energies of the Rainbow children, Crystal children, and Diamond children. Now we were getting somewhere, the different names reflecting the qualities of the children’s (and now adults’) auras. 

Trust me. I know this sounds rather “woo-woo.” Bear with me, though. I am a normal mom, a rational person, a little “crunchy” perhaps, but if you saw me in the grocery store, I appear assuredly quite normal. Like you, I am crazy in love with my child and am passionate about raising her in a way that respects and encourages who she is. Heck. I even started this blog to chronicle our journey together and connect with other parents who find themselves  pulled toward knowing there than more than meets the eye in their amazing children. 

In fact, if I had to sum it up, my purpose here is to embrace the “more” in parenting our remarkable children. 


2 thoughts on “New here? Not so much.

  1. Before reading this entry, it hadn’t occurred to me that there might be tests out there for Indigos. Thanks for mentioning that! I’ve always known that I am intuitive, psychic, and magical, and I’ve long suspected that I am also an Indigo. Now I am certain of it.

    • Oh, I’m certain of it, too! Our parents did not have this awareness, so we were not raised to “know who we are.” Indigos have had to figure this out on our own. We’ve set the stage for our Crystal children (You definitely have a Crystal, too.), and now the adventure begins!

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